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Hello everyone. It’s been a pleasure getting to work with you all and to see some of you all in action. This section is where I get to show off our amazing drug court teams throughout the state that I have visited with.


Above are some of the folks from the 1st JDC adult drug court

From Left to Right Front

The Honorable Judge Craig Marcotte, Nan Ball, CAC, CCS, Debra Lawhead, LAC, CCGC, LPN, Officer Amanda Spivey, Jessie Garcia

From Left to Right back, Twyla Welty, RAC


Above are some of the folks from the 22nd JDC

Starting with Shannon Hattier, Program Coordinator, then to the left going around the table, Greg Saurage, Probation, Jessica Pericone, Probation, Renee Ross, Clerk, Judge August Hand, Courtney Leonard, Case Manager, Lynn Bates, Intake Coordinator, David Kraus, Case Manager, Bernice Williams, Treatment Counselor, Chris Russell, Treatment Counselor.


Above is Section I Orleans Parish Criminal District Court with Jessica Novosel (case manager), Mark Saucier (treatment), Judge Karen Herman, and Summer Creekbaum (probation)


Above I am hanging out with Section B Orleans Parish Criminal District Court.

Probation Officer, Pamela Nezat (case manager), Toyin Ideuw (assistant), and Judge Tracey Flemings-Davillier



Jefferson Parsih Adult Drug Court

(afternoon team)

From Left to right: David Wheeler – ADA Drug Court, Jamie Webb – Clerk (bottom), Joseph McNair – Treatment Provider (top), Patsy Klees – Compliance Officer (bottom), Joe Marino – Defense Attorney (top), Vita Donnelly – Program Supervisor for DWI Court (top), Fletcher Hyacinth, John J. Molaison Jr. – Judge DWI/Drug Court, Ellen Shirer Kovach – Judge Drug Court, Norma Broussard – ADA for DWI Court, Tracey Mussall – Program Supervisor Drug Court, Kristen Becnel – Deputy Judicial Administrator for Specialty Courts, Kevin Theriot  – Probation Coordinator Drug Court, Jacquelyn Howard – not pictured – Probation Coordinator Drug Court




DSC_0002 2



St. Charles Parish Adult Drug Court

Front row, left to right: Cherrelle Williams, Juanita Marino, Judge Emile R. St. Pierre, Jizette Scott, Lydia Roberts

Back row, left to right: Christina Lewis, Lauren Rogers, Jackie Cristina, Josh Becnel, Gregory Johnson, Jason Goens, Albert Franklin, and Fletcher



29th Judicial District Juvenile Drug Court Team Members

Tracy Theriot – OJJ Supervisor, Jacques Duplantis – OJJ Probation Officer, Mary Ann Levy – Juvenile Drug Court (JDC) Coordinator, Judge M. Lauren Lemmon – 29th Judicial District Court (Fist JDC Judge who started the program), Judge Timothy S. Marcel – 29th Judicial District Court (JDC Judge), Regina Cyrus – Juvenile ADA, Manina Dubroca – Public Defender, Kenny Gagliano – Parish Juvenile Probation, Roanne Sampson – St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office, Julie Ruel – Treatment Coordinator, Charley Hall – St. Charles Parish School System Director of Child Welfare and Attendance


Iberia Parish Drug Court

Rhonda Alexander (yellow shirt), Subriena Hopes (animal print), Scott Kerr, Rachel Huval (blue shirt), Cindy Williams, Thaddeus Robinson, Monica Charles, District Attorney Bo Duhe’, Judge Anthony Thibdoeaux, State Representative Mike Huval



4th JDC Drug Court

Rear, left to right:  Bob Hilton (DWI Court Case Mgr), Chris Long (Case Manager –Morehouse),Ofcr. Monica Lloyd (Prob and Parole), Rickey Bridges (Treatment Counselor), Charlie Davis (Coordinator), Fred Fulton (Treatment Counselor)

Front, left to right:  Kathryn Bagley (Juv Case Mgr), Judge Sharon Marchman, Jill Goudeau (ADA), Quita Kidd (Case Manager – Ouachita), Chelse Scott (Case Mgr – Ouachita), Shereba Diaz (IDB), Roy Bass (Treatment Counselor), Amber Madison (Drug Court Clerk)




Union Parish Drug Court Team

From left to right, Indigent Defender, Robert Earle, Counselor Andre Vermillian, Judge Jay McCallum, Coordinator Fletcher Hyacinth, Assistant District Attorney Bruce Hampton, Case Manager Ronnie Wiggins, and Deputy Payton McKinney



34th JDC

Judge Kirk Vaughn, Nicolle Tourdot (Administrator), Capt Charlie Buras (Adult Probation), Darren Roy (Asst DA), James Becnel (Treatment), Warren Browning (IDB Lawyer)



27th JDC drugcourt

27th JDC

Karen Fruge (case Manager),    Judge Gerard Caswell, (Div B),   Norman Rene’ (Treatment Director),  Judge Jason Meche (Div D)

Pam Bollich (Coordinator),   Judge James Doherty (Div A),  Judge Alonzo Harris (Div C),   LaPearl Keys  (Social Worker), Betty Hanchett (Administrative Assistant)



 Fletcher Hyacinth, Mike Hayes-Attorney, Lorie Humphrey-Case Manager, Desiree Dyess-Judge,

Merry Byers-Coordinator, Vernon Mills-Treatment Director, Lala Sylvester-Judge,

Kim Guidry-Counselor In Training, Joe Black-Probation Officer

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