2013 Conference PowerPoints

Leo Kadehjian Neurobio handouts LADCP 2-13.pptx

Leo Kadehjian More effective testing handouts LADCP 2-13

Mike Nerney Relapse Prevention

Mike Nerney Personal Safety in the Workplace

Steve Hanson-experiential activities handouts

Steve Hanson-Personality Disorders Hanson R

Susan J Andrews cradle-to-prison-pipeline-overview-fact-sheet-2009

Susan J Andrews Real men

Susan J Andrews Louisiana 1 in 26

Susan J Andrews  LADCP what’s hot and what’s not

WTOC Handout – 8850 Jan

WTOC Handout – ETA 9061 issued 2012

WTOC Handout – IRS 8850 1 2012

WTOC Handout – USDOL Brochure 8 2012

LHSC workshop handouts (ZIP)

Impact of Katrina and Rita on the JJ System