2017 Conference PowerPoints

Judge Kinght – Reentry Presentation 2017

Louisiana Juvenile Standards APR 2017

D. Reilly – Strategies for Successful Drug Court Team Transition 2017

Big 7 Key Ingredients

Supporting Families Reunification

D. MeeLee Doing Time or Doing Tx Change

D. MeeLee The ASAM Criteria Implications Adult Criminal Justice

D. MeeLee The ASAM  Criteria Implications Juvenile Criminal Justice

H. Harberts Legal Issues, Ethical Issues, and Role of Lawyers 2017

Miguel E. Gallardo May Presentation

S. Phillippi LADC Conf JDC Standards Presentation 2017

A. Podesta LADCP 2017 handout

Evan Elkin

R. Covington – Alternative Programs

R. Covington – Alternatives to Incarceration

R. Covington – Concordia Screening and 402 Checklist

Worksheets on Creating Cultures of TIC – Organization Self Assessment

NOLA Trauma Matters 5.9.17

R. Covington – Substance Abuse Program ACT 389